Chicago: My Kind of Town

I recently visited Chicago for the first time and, as Frank Sinatra famously sang, “Chicago: It’s my kind of town”.  The city is beautiful, exciting, and cosmopolitan.  It has fabulous architecture, a beach on the ocean-sized Lake Michigan, great food, outstanding cultural institutions, and so much more. There are grand avenues like Michigan Avenue, a river running through it with a foot path along side it and multiple bridges crossing over it, parks, zoos, and sports stadiums like Wrigley Field and Soldier Field.  I spent two days there, which isn’t nearly enough time to fully explore the city.  A re-visit in the near future is imperative.

My first stop was Millennium Park, which is one of the biggest attractions in the city. It is part of the larger Grant Park  and is home to sculptures, music venues, restaurants, an iceskating rink during winter months, and a theater. There is a giant sculpture called Cloud Gate, which is more familiarly known as The Bean.  As you can see, in the photos above, it is a sculpture that appears to be made of liquid mercury, resembles a bean, and reflects the Chicago skyline and the clouds above it.  In the era of Facebook and Instagram, it is the backdrop of millions of selfie-taking visitors, like my mother and me.  The park is also home to the Pritzker Pavillion, a music bandshell,  and a serpentine footbridge, which were both designed by the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry (featured in tomorrow’s post).. 

Chicago is my kind of town!

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