Birds of a Feather

I was taking my morning run along Fifth Avenue when I came upon a woman walking with a giant macaw on her arm. I have seen macaws before, in the rain and cloud forests of Costa Rica but never on the streets of NYC.  I wondered what kept her bird from flying away and how large an apartment she lived in to afford the bird ample space and freedom to get around, but she told me that her bird cannot fly.  It was bred in captivity and had its wings clipped, so it does not take flight either on the streets or in her home. This bird is beautiful and exotic, but it seems somewhat cruel and unnatural to keep a highly intelligent, social bird, accustomed to living in the canopies of cloud and rain forests, in a small NYC apartment where it cannot fly. The owner pictured above is pregnant with twins, to boot, so I wonder how the bird and the twins will get along.  Macaws are known to scream frequently and loudly, so between the babies and the bird, it could get quite noisy in her apartment. Imagine what the neighbors will think.

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