Prince: Rock Royalty

Prince was a masterful musician, a prolific songwriter, a spectacular performer, a flamboyant dresser, and from what I have been reading about him, a tad eccentric — many geniuses are. Unfortunately, I am learning more about Prince following his death than I did during his life.  Pop radio stations tend to play the same music over and over again.  Only now, to mourn Prince’s death and to pay tribute to him, are radio stations playing his classics and, boy, are they great!  1999 is my favorite, so far, but there are a plethora of them to listen to. My mom was my age when Prince released 1999 and she was a huge fan. I have to commandeer her iPhone to listen to her Prince collection. In fact, the top 19 downloaded songs on iTunes today are by Prince. With such a huge catalogue of music, I could be listening for days. RIP Prince!

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