Love Thy Nature

On this day, each year, we are reminded of the importance of good stewardship of our planet. There are broad sweeping solutions that the G8 Roundtable and the United Nations Climate Control Conference are trying to implement and then there are the small steps that each of us can take every day.  Here is a list of the ten easiest ways that we can make a difference in our daily lives:

1)  Reduce the number of plastic beverage bottles that we use

2)  Use reusable grocery bags

3)  If you don’t have reusable bags with you, ask for paper instead of plastic

4)  Drive less, walk more, take mass transit

5)  Turn off lights

6)  Eat less red meat

7)  Don’t let your car idle

8)  Use less water especially hot water

9)  Use a kitchen cloth instead of disposable paper towels

10)  Print fewer hardcopies of documents

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