Hola Cuba


IMG_0203An American president has not visited Cuba since Calvin Coolidge did back in 1928 — that is until now.  President Obama, his family, approximately 30 congressmen, and several American business executives arrived in Cuba, yesterday, hoping to officially end a fifty-five year freeze in relations between the United States and Cuba.  It is about time.  The Cold War ended long ago, but Cuba has been stubbornly adhering to a failed political system. 

 I had the pleasure of visiting Cuba for two weeks last summer and it was an eye-opening experience.  The country is populated by friendly, yet very poor people, who are living amongst crumbling buildings, poor infrastructure, and impoverished conditions.  While changes are coming to Cuba, they are coming very slowly.  It is up to Congress to end the embargo on Cuba, but it is up to Raul Castro to end human rights abuses and to allow his people a role in their own governance.  

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