The Oscar Goes To…

Charlize Theron Christian Dior

Naomi Watts Armani Prive

Rooney Mara Givenchy Haute Couture

Julianne Moore Chanel


Saoirse Ronan Calvin Klein

The Academy Awards honor actors and actresses who have given exemplary performances in film.  I understand that what they wear to the awards ceremony is not as important as how they performed in their respective films.  However, I must admit that I love tuning in to see what the actresses have chosen to wear, anyway, because I love fashion and I enjoy seeing the exquisite dresses that designers have created for them.  Above are my top five choices for best dressed ladies.  Honorable mention goes to perennial favorite Cate Blanchett and new comer Brie Larson, who both looked gorgeous in their Armani Prive and Gucci gowns, respectively.

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