Monthly Archives: December 2015

Under Cover

There is a great store in Miami Beach on Collins Avenue and 20th Street called Atrium.  They have a well-edited selection of clothing, especially beachwear and accessories.  I love the way they merchandise the store;  it makes everything look so beautiful and wearable.  Since I have fair skin, I always look for ways to reduce my sun exposure.  I am careful to use sunscreen with an SPF of 50 and I try to wear hats and coverups when possible.  Atrium has a fabulous array of hats, beach coverups, and other cute accessories.  If you are in Miami, check out this store.  

Off the Wall

The Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida has become a major tourist destination since its inception in 2009.  The neighborhood is like one giant street art museum, where walls of warehouses and other commercial buildings have become the canvases of well-known street artists.  Wynwood is located in a gritty part of Miami and was the brainchild of real estate developer Tony Goldman, who built his reputation by purchasing distressed properties in downtrodden neighborhoods, refurbishing them, helping to revitalize the surrounding communities. By creating the Walls, he helped bring visitors to a community that they wouldn’t ordinarily visit.  A trip to Wynwood is well worth a visit for great photo opportunities, interesting art galleries, good food, and hip clothing boutiques.

Food As Art

In some restaurants food has been elevated to an art form.  Chefs use the plate as their canvas and the food as their medium.  They artfully arrange the food so that the colors and textures form a beautiful and mouth-watering display.  Obviously, the ingredients are expected to be fresh and delicious, but the look is equally important to both the artist/chefs and the diners.  In a world where hunger is so prevalent, it is a privilege to eat such delicious and visually appealing food.  I look forward to a time when hunger can be eradicated and nutritious food is available to all.

Bootie Call

This could wind up being the warmest winter ever recorded in the northeast with NYC anticipating 73 degrees on  Christmas Day.  However, the weather could abruptly change course and become cold and stormy. Therefore, I will heed my mother’s advice, which is to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  With that advice in mind, I have been searching for the perfect winter boots that will keep my feet dry and toasty warm if the latter turns out to be true.  Here are a few options by Technica, Tory Burch, Sorrel, Jimmy Choo, and Timberland.  

Bryant Park’s Winter Village

Behind the landmarked main branch of the New York Public Library sits the peaceful and beautiful Bryant Park. This park feels as if it could be in Paris, with it’s distinctly French folding chairs and tables and its trellised cafés.  It is a haven for office workers from the surrounding skyscrapers seeking a relaxing place to eat lunch during warm weather, as well as a venue for concerts and outdoor movies. It is home to a winter village from late October through the winter, with a skating rink as its centerpiece and stalls selling gifts surrounding it. While it may be unseasonably warm for winter, skating at Bryant Park makes it seem like a winter wonderland without the snow.

Fa La La La La

This beautiful display might be as white a Christmas as New York is likely to see.  Temperatures have been unseasonably warm so far this holiday season and are expected to be nearly 60 degrees on Christmas Day. Retailers are seeing declining sales of coats, boots and all winter accessories and have begun discounting heavily.  Traffic has also been light, leading me to believe that people aren’t shopping because they don’t feel like it is Christmas, yet.  

Ski resorts along the east coast are also feeling the heat.  Most mountains are bare and those with snow-making capabilities require colder temperatures to sustain manmade snow.  Temperatures are likely to dip down in January, but that will be too late to help businesses who rely upon cold, wintery weather to boost holiday says. 

Too Beautiful To Eat

These exquisite creations are simply too beautiful to eat. They are works of art that take days to design and hours upon hours to bake and decorate. The talent behind these cakes is artist/baker extraordinaire Andrea Green.  An artist by training, Andrea took her passion for cakes and turned it into a gratifying career.  She transforms her clients’ ideas and interests into magnificent cakes. While it seems sinful to cut these cakes up, they are actually quite delicious.  I can’t wait to see what she designs next. 

The Gift of Life

In this holiday season of celebration and  gift-giving, we can each give the greatest present of all:  the gift of life.  In most cases, giving a life-saving donation of blood, registering with a bone marrow database, or signing up to be an organ donor is absolutely free.  To the recipients of these gifts, the value is priceless.  People who have suffered catastrophic accidents, have blood cancers or diseases, or are in need of an organ transplant depend on the generosity of the healthy amongst us. To donate blood, you can consult your local blood bank.  There are several bone marrow registries such as Delete Blood Cancer or Gift of Life. To donate organs, in the event of a fatal accident, donors can register with their states’ department of motor vehicles.  Someone, somewhere will be grateful for your generosity!

Picasso Sculpture

The Museum of Modern Art has assembled the largest collection of Picasso’s sculptural pieces ever to be exhibited together.  Although he was a prolific sculptor, he was definitely best known for his paintings.  This exhibit encompasses 140 pieces that were produced over a 60 year period of time, utilizing many different types of materials and in very diverse styles.  He worked in bronze, sheet metal, household objects, plaster, wood, and other materials.  Many of the pieces seem like three dimensional versions of his paintings.  The exhibition runs through February 7, 2016 and tickets are available in advance, online.